As freelancer I work on digital storytelling projects, films and documentaries. Most of the time as project manager, but my ambition is to produce and direct my own documentaires one day. Besides my day to day work there are two learning journeys that I want to explore. One is on the future world of work, the second is on our climate.

Future world of work
The world (of our work environment as a big part of it) is changing faster than people can hold on to. Whats new today is obsolete tomorrow. In a great Tedx Talk Eddie Obeng makes this point perfectly clear.

The one thing we can do is just accept that we know very little but have a lot to learn and cherish that journey.  Lumias serves as my own learning journey. I share what I read, watch and come by. I share what gives me new insights and try to document my own learning curve. The future world of work is probably highly interdisciplinary, highly experimental and highly dependent on different expertise. I’m trying to learn from them all.

Our climate
Next to the future world of work I want to learn more about our climate and our ecosystem. Can you match being an entrepreneurial sprit with taking care of our climate? And what is sustainability anyway? Follow my journey on www.2041journey.nl and connect on Twitter here.